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Chinnavedampatti Lake and Vellakinar Pond is located between Saravanampatti and Udayampalayam. Chinnavedampatti Lake is the primary water source and water body in the North Coimbatore. Both Chinnavedampatti Lake and Vellakinar pond gets water from the Western Ghats Mangarai Kanuvai catchment area of west Coimbatore. The Pond and the Lake gets water in sequence from the Kanuvai Check dam through eight (8) kilometers feeder canal. Chinnavedampatti Lake is spread out in area of 200 acres and the Vellakinar Pond is spread out in an area of 2.5 acres. With the team of volunteers formed a Non-governmental organization (NGO) and have been working to revive the Tanks, the feeder canal and the Catchment area.

The eight (8) kilometer feeder canal was entirely revived by Chinnavedampatti lake restoration team in 2017-2018 and the feeder canal has to be revived at a regular interval of period of years to keep the canal alive and to maintain the system.

A green cover project is being initiated by their organization to save the eight kilometer long feeder canal. Trees are to be planted in a row along the bank with 20 feet space between each sapling for adequate canopy formation for each tree. By this project around 2500 saplings will be planted in phase by phase.

By virtue of the initiative select grade native variety including palm trees will be planted in the banks of either side of the canal and Vellakinar pond for the following reasons and benefits:
  1. Encroachment is the major issue due to urbanization and non maintenance. Trees acts as a natural barrier on the banks of the canal and prevent encroachments exceeding from outside the boundary areas on either side of the canal.
  2. The canal with flow of water during monsoon increases the biodiversity while trees are in place along the canal and acts as shelter for birds.
  3. The trees along the canal prevent soil erosion and land sliding into the canal, due to heavy rainfall thus the canal is protected
  4. With 2500 massive number trees in the entire eight kilometer stretch and adequate canopy green cover along the canal also improves the vegetation and humidity of the areas to attract more rainfall and improves water yield to the canal directly.
  5. The north part of Coimbatore are mostly dry or semi dry and thus the rainfall not just fills the tank but primarily increases the ground water table primarily and sufficiently.
  6. Planting trees on the banks of the pond gives direct benefit such as increase in rainfall, attracts more birds and improves the ecology and prevents encroachments.
For more information on this project and to donate for this cause, please contact Siva sir at 98943 19381
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