Core Ants

Manivannan Selvaraj

Mani is a passionate coder and a lovable father of two. Two years back, an obese mani realized that something is wrong with his lifestyle and started taking fitness seriously, participated in marathons in US and slowly changed his lifestyle towards healthy eating, he is offlate more into quick run and rides. His interest in cooking paved way for him to analyze and adhere healthy diet, observe intermittent fasting and indulge in cooking many interesting dishes. Being a Coimbatorean and Living in US, Mani aims to spread the positive effects of fitness, healthy eating and the advantages of adopting a minimalist lifestyle.

Vivekaanantha G

With passion for coding and problem solving, vivek falls into the league of IT Freaks, after being abroad for many years, he has a story to reveal. Vivek suffered an injury on his right leg while playing basketball in his school days which stopped him from playing outdoor or active sport for many years. His love for reading books and watching movies played its part as well. Years later, vivek again experienced pain and this time he was forced to do ACL reconstruction in his right knee. (Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction - the torn ligament is removed and replaced with a piece of tendon from another part of your knee) Vivek has now completed few marathons and his new friend is strava ! Vivek aims to spread the importance of reading habit among students and also the need of leading an active life style.

Ramesh Shanmugamoorthy

Born in a small village called Pichanur in Maddukarai, Coimbatore, Ramesh was a super active sports kid. Born in a farming family, Ramesh work will begin at early morning 4 am to give flowers to the market and reach college around 8.30 am, with his hard work & willingness to learn, he completed his engineering with top honors and received red carpet offers in the IT Industry. He pursued IT and also pursued his passion for sports. A professional cricket Umpire in US, Star cricketer of Spartans Cricket Club of Bengaluru, Singles & Doubles champion in his apartment tennis club and what not? Running is his newly added sport and he is all set to mark his entry in marathons. Ramesh ideology is to spread awareness and be an example on how a positive mind, never give up attitude and wearing a smile always can change one’s life.

Prasath S

Born and bought up in an agricultural family, prasath spends most of his time in his garden cultivating his own veggies. Being a coder,his sedentary lifestyle & onsite assignment took a toll on his health and that’s when he took up running seriously. Unable to run continuously for 2 mins on his first day of running he now has few 10k marathons in his kitty. Prasath is a moviebuff, Scientific Autodidact and an Astrophile. He aims to spread the joy of running, healthy eating and most importantly gardening !

Shyam Sundhar A

With a decade of experience in the HR industry, shyam has the toughest work schedule in our ants team. He goes to office around 7 pm, has breakfast by 10 pm, lunch around 2.15 am and dinner by 7 am. Yes, a night owl. Being a responsible citizen taking care of the safety issues of more than thousand employees, his phone never rests making him busy, restless and obese over the years. Shyam has now started riding and walking and aims to spread the importance of being fit to everyone especially night shift workers.

Sathish Kumar N

Hailing from Madurai, Sathish is a hard working IT guy, works more than 10 hrs of a day and was living a sedentary life style only until he realized he needs to realize the importance of an active life style. Now he easily walks 7 to 10 kms a day and slowly getting ready to become a runner. His impeccable madurai slang his fluent hindi, his interest in astrology and share market are something to discuss and cherish. As a silent spectator with a storm within, sathish aims in spreading love and kindness among youth.

Karthikeyan S

Karthikeyan fondly called as Karthimx or just “mx” is an entrepreneur from the “yellow city” Erode in Tamilnadu. Mx is a fitness freak with a multi sport interest, from cricket to volleyball to shuttle & more, mx plays everything! After taking up running, mx participated his first marathon in Feb 2019 and no stopping from there! Mx is also a part of Erode runners, Black Dice club and few others fitness groups in Erode. Mx wants to spread positivity & awareness on the advantages of being a runner and adopting a healthy life style.


VTR gave the spark to rest of the core Ants to start running. He is an actor and director by profession. He has directed many award winning short films. Took up running in 2019 and now a regular runner in race course. He started with a 5K, then progressed to 10K, half marathon, 20 miler and now he is training for full marathon. VTR accept any challenges when it comes to fitness. VTR also loves his Garmin 900 gadget that helps him track and train for a better heart rate. VTR is an explorer, being inspiration to new runners VTR aims to invite everyone to a healthy life style.